Columbus Foods

Hayward, California
Polarville Refrigeration renovated 60,000 square feet of the facility, which includes three production lines to slice and package Columbus Foods’ salami and premium deli meats into ready-to-eat packages. Polarville Refrigeration design full processing line, refrigeration installation also built new welfare, maintenance and mechanical areas.

The facility’s slicing rooms included the latest food safety technologies and hygienic air handling systems.

Boar’s Head

Newcastle, Indiana

Facility receives raw, whole muscle product for various types of meats. Products are seasoned, prepped & cooked in smoke houses — then chilled, pasteurized & packaged.  The facility is mostly refrigerated & utilized a standard ammonia-based refrigeration system.  A viewing corridor is included to allow tours without the typical sanitation & gowning requirements yet providing clear views of the entire processing operation.

US Foodservice Alliant

Houston, Texas

Polarville Refrigeration designed and built a greenfield distribution facility for Alliant Foodservice, and was responsible for refrigeration installation, now owned and operated by US Foodservice. The facility includes freezers, coolers, refrigerated docks, office space and welfare areas.