Polarville Refrigeration

Factory Design Solutions & Professional Installation of Refrigeration System


Design & Refrigeration

Polarville’s award-winning Design & Refrigration Division offers customized plans to meet your specific needs and budget. Each design is delivered in the latest 3D CAD software, incorporating our vast experience and proprietary technology. 
We focus on providing refrigeration design solutions and installation for factory.

Construction & Installation

The Polarville Refrigeration offers full-service construction of ammonia,  CO2, and Freon refrigeration systems. Our experienced team of pipe fitters, welders and field journeyman take pride in delivering superior quality work on schedule.
Polarville Refrigeration provide refrigeration system installation for factory with food industry, chemical industry, medicine, electronics industry, and so on.


Service & Maintenance

Let the Polarville Refrigeration extend the life of your refrigeration system and reduce costly downtime. Our specialized technicians are located throughout the U.S., providing program and emergency services.

Parts & Equipment

Our experienced Parts team is ready to provide you with the knowledge and supplies you need for the job. Our large sales volume and long-standing OEM relationships allow us to offer the lowest prices and quickest delivery time in the marketplace.
We can proviede mesh belt, main reducer, bearing, guide rail bar and other accessories of refrigeration system and quick freezing equipment.